For over a decade Sarah Ryan, Architects has been a leading architecture and preservation firm in St. Augustine and St. Johns County. We are a community-based firm that is committed to preserving the unique character of St Augustine.  Our firm philosophy is to approach each project with a fresh perspective and a design that is responsive to the client and context.  We are involved from concept design through construction. Our team of architects and drafters work closely with trusted consultants such as engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers.   We specialize in historic preservation, custom residential, commercial, and educational facilities and have extensive experience working with state, and local review boards.



I have wanted to be an architect since the young age of 7 despite my parents’ plea to be an engineer.  Growing up in the Virginia area outside Washington DC I was inspired by the East Building at the National Gallery of Art, designed by I.M. Pei and the beautiful Calder sculptures in the atrium.

I persevered in my architecture dreams and graduated with my Masters in Architecture from Virginia Tech in 2004.

After working for many wonderful years in Washington DC at Cunningham | Quill Architects and also in Bergen Norway my husband and I moved to St Augustine in 2014.

I served on the City of St. Augustine Planning and Zoning Board between 2014 – 2022 and am a current member of the St. Augustine Beach Planning and Zoning Board.

MARK MCCONNEL – architect (uva, mit)


I was born in Paris, France but left when I was a toddler only to return for a couple years in my early 20s and have lived mostly in Virginia since that time. 

I am extremely project-oriented and am happiest when I have a personal construction project going on in addition to the design work, which I have been engaged in for over 40 years. I became a Class-A general contractor to provide affordable modern construction for my clients at a time when traditional “cookie cutter” houses were the norm.  

My favorite project is a sustainable timber-frame village center complete with performance stage, indoor pool, and fitness center that was constructed of timbers harvested from the campus with draft horses (no machines).

Santiago Calatrava’s Lyon station is probably the most beautiful and inspiring modern work of architecture on the planet.



I am from the beautiful city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I start most days with a coffee and smoothie. The next eight hours are filled with dreaming and drawing. Since I’m the “youngest” in the office, I also find myself troubleshooting a litany of IT issues. 

The office is full of like-minded, energetic, and friendly people that make me happy to be here every day!

I’m very proud of the first project I really worked on/designed for Sarah Ryan Architect, which was an affordable housing center for the recently homeless. 

I am inspired, architecturally, by bird nests, sandcastles, and self-organizing organic systems.

You may be surprised to know that Sponch, my cat, has been trained in multiple tricks, such as high-fiving and jumping onto my shoulder on command.



I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I moved to Central FL in 1989 where I met my amazing wife. We have 6 kids together– they are my motivation to be my best self and to always exceed their expectations.

I have been working as a resident drafter for over 30 years and I decided to start my own drafting business in 1997. I have worked with many architects over the years and started collaborating with Sarah Ryan in 2017.

My family sees me as a versatile problem solver, often dubbing me a ‘Jack of all trades.’ Whether it’s fixing cars or handling home repairs, I take on various roles to ensure everything runs smoothly in our household.



I was born and raised in St. Augustine!

During my normal day, I wear 3 hats:

1. Mom/wife

2. Office Manager at Sarah Ryan Architect

3. Real estate agent

My day is spent weaving these 3 roles into and around each other.

I’m proud of the floor plan that I designed for my family home. It combines functionality with beautiful details, and I can’t wait to build it one day!

I feel most inspired by architecture that is elegant but also has every-day uses. Some examples: Calatrava’s World Trade Center Oculus, The Broad in Los Angeles, and Apple Park.

You may be surprised to know that me, my 4 siblings, and parents made up a language when we were growing up, that only our family knows.